Nextup: How To Dress Well- Repeat Pleasure (AG Cook Remix)

The Malcolm McLaren of fucking with dance purists turns his sights to the insipid shores of indie R&B artist How To Dress Well. AG Cook’s label, PC Music, are causing a furore in the world of electronic music with their defined yet nigh- inarticulable aesthetic, with artists like SOPHIE, GFOTY and Hannah Diamond making music that draws from a visual culture defined by the technological limitations of a time not far gone. This can result in near-unlistenable slabs of self consciously twee vocals and aspartame synths, but when the artistically obtuse gives way to the more traditional (if still very warped) PC Music has produced some of the best tracks in recent years.

And while architect & overseer AG Cook has made tracks that defined the PC Music blueprint, ‘Repeat Pleasure’ is if not a departure then at least a welcome glance to accessibility. The warped vocal opening and echoes of a sterile sounding child’s voice are the only elements that really tie the track to the PC Music canon, the rest of the track being a subdued affair with a single synth gently cushioning How To Dress Well’s beautiful vocal melody. In this AG Cook has shown incredible vision and restraint- the slowly shifting pad like synth envelopes the listener and does nothing more, with no choppy rhythm or percussion to distract. Of course Cook introduces subtle tension throughout; turning the pitch up slightly too high, looping one too many times before snapping back to normality. Leaves you wanting more and shows how PC Music can make self conscious ambient as well as they can make self conscious pop.

Release Date: 8.9.14


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