Throwback: Neighbourhoods – Fatima & The Eglo Live Band and Alexander Nut

The latest instalment of a pioneering new night by Joshua Brooks went down on Friday night. With up and coming Fatima, backed by the Eglo Live Band and with label boss Alexander Nut on the bill, the night was full of promise. And didn’t it just deliver!

The reliable line up of local Manchester residents Jon Loveless, Guy Richards and Olsen held the night together with the first and last sets. Coordinating a smooth transition through disco, funk, soul to a heavier house finale, with a fair serving of afrobeat stirred in throughout, the night went off without a hitch.

Fatima‘s voice may ring bells with any fans of Floating Points as she’s been closely intertwined with his own production work. Initially providing the soulful vocals over the dreamy strings of the Floating Points Ensemble, a 16 piece orchestra guided by the man himself. ‘Post-suite’ and ‘Almost in Profile’ being released in 2010 on Ninja Tune Records.

Back to the night though.
Neighbourhoods is the new concept night of Joshua Brooks resident Jon Loveless which aims to blend live musicians and DJ’s seamlessly into a refreshingly different style of clubnight for the Manchester scene.

JB resident’s Guy Richards and Olsen started off the night warming up the crowd nicely with a dancey, funk mix with dashes of afrobeat before the main act took the stage. Getting in around midnight there was a fair bit of room in the basement, but after a wait at the bar for a pint of JB’s own lager (the only disappointment of the night), the crowd was starting to swell under selections by Guy Richards.

Fatima‘s set started at 1. After a half hour of tantalizing instrument set up the crowd were well and truly ready when the figure of Fatima appeared from the shadows. Swaying and bopping around the stage in her stylish silver anorak she looked more at home in Manchester than her Stockholm childhood would suggest.

The real edge of the night though came from the Eglo Live Band. Bongo’s, a drummer, bassist and keyboard player supplied the excitement and vibrant backing that set off Fatima’s poetic lyrics. Playing through most of her Yellow Memories EP, as well as some of her other Eglo contributions, her set timed perfectly, drawing to a close just as people began to itch for something a bit more loose to boogie through the night to.

Regular selector Alexander Nut followed up his Eglo partner providing the thronging crowd with danceable vibes for the next hour. Upbeat funk and soul was the theme of his set, a personal highlight being the trumpets on Aquarian Dreams’ ‘Fantasy’ record, which propelled the crowd into some carefree hip shaking & two-steppin. Even more enjoyable was the moment we realised members of the Eglo band had joined us on the dancefloor.

John Loveless had the final slot of the night. Drifting into a more bass-driven house vibe than his predecessors, the Manchester local turned things up a gear for the dwindling crowd. The Void soundsystem blasting the basement in deep dark tones as the late night revellers got some space to shuffle.

Another great production from the new vision of Joshua Brooks!

3rd October, Joshua Brooks,

– Fraser Brooks


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