Throwback: Narada Michael Walden – I Shoulda Loved Ya

First and foremost, Narada Michael Walden is a producer, and an extremely successful one at that. It makes me sad and almost slightly embarrassed to think that a few months ago his name just wasn’t on my radar. Tracks such as ‘How will I Knowand We don’t have to take our clothes offare testament to his success. However, as solo artist in the late 70’s it would appear that he flew under the radar to an extent.

This funky delight however, makes his work as a solo artist hard to ignore. Given that this is currently my song of the moment, I will admit some bias. That aside, this soulful wonder is a track that you just can’t stop yourself from listening to. The delivery, from start to finish, is so smooth and Walden’s vocals are full of warmth. It checks in at about 114 bpm so you might be slightly surprised when your feet start moving involuntarily. Oh and if you find yourself smiling about 4 minutes in when that sax solo comes through, I can guarantee you’re not alone.

Release: 1979



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