Nextup: Session Victim – See You When You Get There

German duo Session Victim released their instantly recognisable anthem ‘Good Intentions’ on a phenomenal four-part vinyl series back in 2012 and for the past two years have kept a relatively low profile.

However, this is about the change with the release of their second album ‘See You When You Get There’, a 12 track-er which brings to mind men of the moment Theo Parrish, Andres and Moodymann. With all these connotations, it’s hard to believe Session Victim are from Germany and not Detroit.

‘See You When You Get There’ is an album which shows Session Victim taking a mellower, more chilled out vibe than their previous releases, retaining the groove and adding even more percussive elements and bass – it’s possible that they’ve spent the past few years listening to Moodymann et. al. and artists such as ambient master Bonobo. A lot maturer than their debut, ‘See You When You Get There’ shows how they’ve benefited and evolved after moving from bedroom to studio.

The whole album is one of those that defies you to dance. ‘Make People Dance’ definitely does so, in a mellow sort of way as the smooth voice morphs and changes slightly ominously as the beat drops. ‘Never Forget’ sounds like a mature version of ‘Good Intentions’ souped up with a jazzy piano lick and that smooth voice once again. That said, it’s easy to listen to this at home as well – the bass is good for dancing but all the other elements make for easy listening – an all-purpose album.

The LP feels like a story, joined together to show a journey that the two have just so happened to record in music. From tracks such as ‘See You When You Get There’ which bring to mind chill out vibes from Nightmares on Wax to bass-heavy, uptempo beat of ‘Never Forget.’  ‘Hyuwee’ has hints of African percussion and chanting while ‘The Most Beautiful Divorce Ever’ doesn’t actually sound as beautiful as some of the other tracks on the LP what with cosmic whirs and florishes but it still sounds pretty damn fine.

With tracks like ‘Crystal Maze’ it doesn’t take itself too seriously either, slower, very chilled and almost left field it almost sounds out of place when compared to the other massively catchy tracks, a more thoughtful progression compared to the others.

The ‘Outro’ sounds like the music you get at the end of a 70’s film when they show a montage.

An album that would happily fit anywhere – be it a concert theatre or popping up in a DJ set – a triumph.

Release: 10.11.2014



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