Nextup: Flume – That Look

Harley Edward Streton, A.K.A Flume has provided a sneak peak at what to expect from his upcoming album and it’s safe to say that I am an extremely excited fanboy right now.

From the start there is a both a sense of familiarity and anticipation, the opening combination of sounds and vocals provide an eerie, almost haunting backdrop. George Maple’s recognizable vocals grow warmer though, and the song opens up as the layers of sound build slowly until that first drop which oozes with intimacy and familiarity. Then there is that strange “spinning” sound – or at least it sounds like it’s spinning in my head – which reverberates through the track and adds to a wholesome and soothing middle. All of this however, is front matter to an overarching crescendo that finally unloads itself and delivers a breathtaking feeling of madness that will have you dancing on a table like a toddler at your next house party. This is not EDM to be fist pumped to, nor was it ever designed to be. Instead this is a beautifully constructed piece of music that I cannot resist.

Release: TBA

Update 03/11/2014: The song has been removed as the track is unfinished, keep checking back for its reissue.



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