Throwback Event: Warehouse Project – Four Tet, Caribou, Carl Craig, Terror Danjah

Love warehouse project or hate it, you can’t deny there’s some fine lineups out there. 31st October for instance:  Dan Snaith’s live project Caribou showcasing their recently released album ‘our Love’, accompanied by a stellar lineup including long-time collaborator Four Tet and techno legend Carl Craig. As well as established names, the bill featured Hyperdub newcomer Jessy Lanza and label mates Terror Danjah and Champion, Detroit fave Jay Daniel made an appearance and renowned crate digger Anthony Naples headed up room two.

Four Tet played his usual mix of bangers and oddities, from house to calypso and African world music, although he failed to hold the attention of the crowd and as a result room two was pretty full simultaneously. To be fair, it was Anthony Naples on. Whilst Four Tet wasn’t the set of the night, he produced my personal highlight, dropping Europe’s “Final Countdown,” the lights came up slowly, the whole WHP lit up and the crowd was frozen as everyone turned to the front to stare at the spectacle. Hebden looked the he was captaining a spaceship as we were blinded by the lights. Quite fitting seeing as it was Halloween, eerie and magnificent in equal measure.

Carl Craig would’ve been suited to a bigger, heavier night. He was wasted or maybe just didn’t play for the crowd, following Four Tet’s playful selections he seemed a bit too serious. When he dropped Robert Hood “Never Grow Old” though, it was this that rounded off the night for the better as people rushed from room two into the main hangar, raving at the front.

My ultimate surprise highlight was Terror Danjah at the end of the night, a chance turn after leaving the portaloos resulted in us leaving Carl Craig’s heavy techno set to jump into room 2 with the boogying bouncers at the back and Terror having a ball at the front. The eclectic lineup shouldn’t have produced any surprises in terms of music however when he dropped Ms Dynamite “Dy-Na-Mi-Te” I won’t lie by saying I wasn’t surprised. I wasn’t the only one either judging by the reaction of other punters – polar opposites – some broke into a grin and began skanking ferociously whilst one woman turned to me with a look of disgust and shouted “oh my god when is this gonna stop” over the raucousness. If you want techno just move to the next room hun.

He followed this with more early noughties goodness – Lethal Bizzle “POW” to which the crowd raised gun fingers in salute (the ones who were capable of doing so at this late point anyway) and the shufflers were having the time of their lives judging by flying legs, feet and sweat. This sounds disgusting but in reality the atmosphere was electric and Store Street was definitely 100% cooler (heat-wise) than its new/old Victoria Warehouse home.

In contrast to WHPs of late, there was a distinct lack of shoving that accompanied the Victoria Warehouse events, with its practical yet confusing one way system that drove punters to panic at times. The only gripe is the smoking area which had a queue which was so spectacularly long that people would just fuck that off to smoke inside, but no one cared anyway. Hats off to the bouncers at the toilets who seemed genuinely friendly “I just want you guys to have a good time and stay safe” and meant it.

Whilst the headliners failed to knock any socks off, it was still a great night, made better (surprisingly) the staff and the the punters who together made the atmosphere fab, whether it was raving at the back of dancing at the front. For once Warehouse Project wasn’t crammed to the rafters, and it was mint.

Venue: Store Street Warehouse

Date: 31st October 2014



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