Throwback: Jon E Cash- War For For

Heading up the ‘Sublow’ strain of early Grime, Jon E Cash was a big name as the scene transitioned from MC-led Garage to it’s more concrete form in the early 2000s. In fact, his movement was in the running to name the embryonic genre, with ‘8bar’, ‘Sublow’ and the eventually successful ‘Grime’ all being used to describe the new sound (see Wiley’s seminal ‘Wot Do U Call It’). Despite Crazy Titch’s famous soundbite (“No no NO, I don’t do sublow…”) and ‘Grime’ eventally  coming into parlance, Jon E Cash and his Black Ops crew made some of the biggest tunes of the era, characterised by garage flavoured, lumbering basslines.

However this VIP remix of the classic ‘War’ is a largely overlooked gem, as with the ‘War For For Bonus’ on the flipside. It’s a 4×4 remix, as suggested by the phonetic title, and ends up sounding like a bassline tune but instead of lithe wobbles and overtime drums it’s a brash grimey onslaught with thumping brass and a thunderstorm of rolling bass. Would easily destroy a rave even over a decade later, especially given the popular revival of bassline garage by the likes of Flava D, DJ Q and the Tumble Audio label.

Release: 2003

-Bert Coyle


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