Nextup: Murlo – Vertigo

Murlo is one of the leading lights of grime’s recent renaissance. His bright synths are wonderfully engineered, giving his songs a sense of colour and personality that sets him apart from his peers. While some of the new wave of grime music can be more directed toward provoking emotional response than generating club fire, a look at the tracklist of any Murlo’s excellent mixes shows he also has enough of an understanding of dance floor sensibilities to produce devastating peak time material.

‘Vertigo’ follows Murlo’s usual MO. The opening minute sets the scene nicely, with oriental sounding synths – reminiscent of Wiley’s ‘Chinese Riddim’ – intertwining over a half step rhythm. However, it is in the second minute when the synths become more aggressive, vocal chops are thrown into the mix, before a 4×4 beat and an absolute wobbler of a bassline cause the destruction we know Murlo is capable of. The bassline makes ‘Vertigo’ sit in an interdisciplinary position between grime’s new age, garage’s legacy and 4×4 bassline’s unfulfilled promise, and Murlo’s latest effort is indicative of both the potential and quality he has a producer.

Release: 03.11.2014


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