Nextup: Arma – Mariah

Arma’s ‘Mariah’ edit has been causing quite a stir since its release as a clip onto Soundcloud last month. Spooky, Plastician and Mele have all played it in recent radio shows or online mixes, and by listening to the two minute clip it is not hard to see why.

First and foremost, its source material – Mariah Carey’s ‘It’s Like That’ – is one of the final remnants of essential, Timbo & Neptunes inspired, early noughties R&B. The original’s main strength is the combination Mariah’s vocal performance, and the swelling major strings and pianos in the chorus. Upon back to it, you realise from the second the introductory whistle arrives that it’s begging for an edit to tough up its edges. 

Arma’s rethinking flicks back and forth between the whistle loop in all its minimal glory (backed by a healthy amount of 808 percussion) and Mariah’s soaring vocal, chopped up and served with all the major chord instrumentation. The juxtaposition of the two sections gives a vital push and pull tension that will bring dance floors to life. No news on the release of this one yet, but head to Arma’s Soundcloud to check out the rest of his stuff and check out some of the other edits he has kindly offered up for free.

John Hardy


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  1. […] establish that there was also some very fun music released over the course of the year. I already wrote on Arma’s ‘Mariah’ earlier this year; Arma follows the choppy R&G edits tradition of […]


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