Throwback: Selective Hearing presents: Lobster Theremin – Palms Trax

Selective Hearing are one of the hottest techno labels and club promoters in Manchester right now, when you get them teaming up with Lobster Theremin, the golden star label that has already established quite a name for itself, things are bound to get very interesting. When you add the phrases ‘BYOB’ and ‘all night warehouse party’, then things are seriously bound to get silly.

Despite the constant reminders to turn up on time, my team and I inevitably rocked up late. This coupled with the usual faffing that accompanies any club night meant that I essentially missed label boss Asquith’s set, something I’m keen to remedy in the near future. The set up of the venue was naturally sparse and minimalistic. The smoking area did come equipped with some extremely comfortable sofas and functioned as a secondary room all night. Behind the Decks where Olsen, Bam and Kawhe who played B2B for the duration of the night. They perfectly filled the role they had been assigned, they kept things light and airy in the smoking area, never detracting from the main event inside but clearly enjoying themselves to the fullest. On a few occasions I walked outside to see a decent sized crowd completely loving the tunes they were throwing down.

By 1am the doors where shut and everyone was in for the night. Behind the decks, Lobster Theremin’s self described wunderkid Palms Trax was doing what he does best. Palms Trax recently released his ‘Equation’ EP, I haven’t had a chance to listen to the whole EP properly yet, but the title track Equation’ is a total gem.

Back in the dingy warehouse, things started of heavy and slow, I felt as if he was trying to build us up into a slow frenzy before completely letting loose on us, and in patches it felt like he was succeeding. Unfortunately it’s just the nature of an all night party that things get going a lot later. There is no doubt that Palms Trax’s set was beautiful and I’d love to see him headline in a more normal setting. Tonight however, he was not the main event.

By 2.30 the hedonistic nature of this party was beginning to take shape and the crowd was looking a little more wide eyed. Palms Trax had succeeded in building the crowd up before he handed over to Manse, what followed was an absolute blinder. At some points it felt like I was listening to some of the most powerful and destructive techno I’d ever heard, this was coupled with Manse behind the decks giving absolutely everything to this crowd. I could see the passion in his face and the excitement that came over him with each and every banger that he dropped. Despite my intentions and desire to keep record of what was going on, the last 45 minutes of his set had me absolutely transfixed, I never came up for air once and I never felt I wanted to. He was in all senses of the word, sublime.

I cannot deny feeling a brief sense of sadness as I saw Reflec stepping in to relieve Manse, and I cannot put into words how misplaced this feeling was. I keep coming back to this but I really do think that it’s in the nature of the beast, all night parties are a different ball game to regular club nights. Maybe the closing set at 4.00 was always going to be the best slot to have, or maybe Reflec just absolutely killed it. He was completely unrelenting, brutal and dynamic. He was well aware of this and he absolutely loved it. At 6.00 the show was meant to be over, but Reflec was not playing ball, he rolled on for a crowd that could not have been more than a handful of diehard tech-heads. In these closing 30 minutes he was sensational, we all knew he was doing something he shouldn’t be and it was mesmerizing. Deep into the set he dropped ‘Truss’s Osbasten (Original mix)’, that menacing baseline, the group of strangers who’ d dared stay behind with me and Reflec’s cheeky grin from behind the decks will not soon be forgotten.

Date: 14.11.2014

Venue: Secret Warehouse, Manchester

Hamraj Gulamali


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  1. […] right now, Selective Hearing have thrown some absolute belters over the past few months. This time they’re going back to a ‘secret warehouse’ and giving you a BYOB policy for a rave that will go on until the very wee hours of the morning. […]


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