Nextup: The Square- Pengaleng

Much has been made of the new generation of grime, both by myself and similarly pretentious bloggers so I’m gonna keep this simple. The Square is a grime crew from Lewisham who’ve been making serious waves lately, off the back of their ‘The Formula’ mixtape and various solo efforts. The most high profile members are Novelist and Lolingo, Novelist being a young MC who seems to become the face (alongside Stormzy) of grime’s younger generation and Lolingo a producer who’s been vocalled by the likes of Dizzee Rascal and is loosely affiliated with Boxed collective.

The track is a straight forward bouncy party tune, MCs switching every 8 bars to keep things moving. Novelist takes the chorus and the bars focus pretty much solely on how many girls the crew gets and how sick they are- pretty standard. In fact the format is almost studiously close to 2004 era grime- from the ‘Oi’ reminiscent beat to the amount of MCs squeezed onto one track. However the pure youthful energy of the crews stops it from sounding stale or derivative, and if their luck and work rate holds up, things could go very well for the SE crew.

-Bert Coyle


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