Events worth leaving the house for: 1st – 7th December

Winter is here and whether we like it or not, the festive season is upon us. Term is also quickly drawing to a close which means deadlines reign supreme and a lot of the big heads in Manchester are gearing up for NYE. As ever though, there’s no shortage of quality nights to get yourself down to this week.

Wednesday 3rd:
Antwerp Mansion – Rolla for Ebola (MSF)
Cervo, Disco Hugh, Flauta, Jack Tomson, DJ Fanno, Orfan and more.
Gimmicky nights tend to be very hit and miss, and more often than not they miss. This however, will be on the hit side of things. Some of our favorites, including Banana Hill, Hi-Ku, Stevie Wonderland, and So Flute have teamed up to bring you a night that should have a little something for everyone and all of it will be of a high quality. It’s for a good cause and you get to chuck on roller blades at some point, it all sounds pretty fun to me.

South – Lord of the Tings
Special guest + residents
I was very keen on Lord of the Tings last booking of Micky Pearce, with that in mind I trust them when they say they are going to put on a night with their residents and an act that is yet to be confirmed. Expect the darkest in Grime, Garage and UK Funky and most probably be prepared to write of the rest of your week.

Thursday 4th:
Koh Tao – Rotation Policy and ACB
This one is more for South Manchester’s residents. Rotation Policy put on some interesting nights that seek to showcase upcoming and largely undiscovered talent whilst still holding down a tight ship with their residents. This month they’ve teamed up with ACB who will be drawing from funk, soul and jazz as well as some house, disco and anything in between. It’s also only £1 thanks to that lovely Christmas spirit.

Friday 5th:
Roadhouse – BPM x Stripes Records
Kinzy, Monkey Wrench, True Tiger
By this point BPM really needs no introduction, and this month they’ve gone and hooked up with Stripes Records who will be releasing a new EP this week. They’ll be bringing some of the finest talent from the label to takeover the Roadhouse and team up with the BPM residents. This is my Friday night pick so if you’re not sure about what you’re doing yet, this is where I would head to.

Soup Kitchen – Zutekh
Zutekh tends to deliver quality nights with a focus on the music, this one is all about Martyn Deijkers, he started his career as a Drum n’ Bass DJ but over the past few years he’s incorporated elements of a variety of electronic styles into his sound. His most recent LP is a collection of well produced ‘club tunes’ that feature collaborations with the likes of Four Tet, this should be a decent Friday night out if you want a dose of electronica.

Sankeys – Tribal Sessions
Sable Sheep
Normally weekly events just don’t book good enough acts to really draw in the crowds. Sankeys can often be an exception to the rules and there are two main reasons to head down there this Friday, firstly Sable Sheep is very good in my opinion and secondly it’s free entry.

Saturday 6th:
Joshua Brooks – Transmission Funk
Space Dimension Controller, Reflec
The emphasis on the laser side of things for this night should not lead you to thinking that the quality of music will suffer. Space Dimension Controller  uses his live show to add to the experience but does not let it take away from the music. Last time I saw Reflec he absolutely killed it, he is certainly one to watch out for. Add this to the ridiculous Void sound system at JB and you’re in for a treat.

1 Primrose Street – Hi Ku
Luke Vibert, Funkineven, Romare
With it’s out of town location and 6am license, 1 Primrose Street is fast gaining a reputation as the place to hold big parties. Hi Ku by now are much loved on the Manchester club scene and their second birthday promises to be an absolute belter. They’ve got two rooms, the first hosted by themselves and the second by newcomers to the Manchester scene, Banana Hill. This is my Saturday night pick, my pick of the week and Funkineven is my guy for the night.

Gorilla – Departure Lounge
Matt Cox B2B Cesare, Wokeye, Sian Bennett
Another free party for those of you who are really clutching the purse strings, this one should not skimp on quality though and should be very enjoyable. I saw Sian Bennett last week at JB and she absolutely killed it, expect more of the same from her and Manchester finest up and comers.



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