Nextup: GFOTY- Friday Night (SOPHIE Remix)

Full disclosure here: this might not actually be a track but a really good mix, as it’s ripped from the continually mysterious SOPHIE’s boiler room set and contains elements of at least 3 tracks (vocals from SOPHIE’s ‘Lemonade’ and GFOTY’s ‘Friday Night’ with an unknown instrumental), the title here is largely hearsay. The beat is a punishing loop of two bars repeated over and over, the synth slithering, whooshing and gurgling in turn as it weaves in and out of the chanting vocals- the rhythm seeming to chop and change until it climaxes in a gurning electro-acid rumble. The Wiley-esque square waves and clattering snares give the track a grimey feel, similar to SOPHIE’s previous track ‘Hard’. If indeed you could describe it as  a grime song then it’s a lyrical first in many respects- unless there’s a Lethal Bizzle B side I missed about sucking dick in a club bathroom?

Release Date: Unknown

-Bert Coyle


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