Throwback: Bert’s Tunes of 2014

Lil Spook- Black Silk [February 2014]

Lil Spook (AKA Spooky Black) seems to have seized on a zeitgeist with this mixtape, bringing him a fair amount of mainstream and critical recognition. It’s not hard to see why- the lethargic, woozy ballads are beautifully crafted, taking in hip-hop and RnB through a melancholy 80s pop filter. Comparisons with Yung Lean are rife, but Lil Spooks stands on his own musically.


Sophie- Hard [August 2014]

A frantic, ricocheting paean to bondage, it’s taking great restraint not to make a comment about ‘Hard’ going hard. Meticulously produced, catchy, abrasive, SOPHIE continues to push all the right buttons.


How to Dress Well- Repeat Pleasure (AG Cook Remix) [September 2014]

The only way to really describe this song is maximalism through restraint. It’s simple, but never boring. It’s challenging, but so subtly that you barely even notice. One of those tunes that just gives you visions of the euphoric moment if ever you heard it dropped at the right time.


Mumdance- Take Time Ft. Novelist [June 2014]

Mumdance, if anything, is a geek. No man can own that much hardware and no be a raging music geek, and in Novelist he’s found his match- an old school grime nerd, with the bars to match. Their breakout hit feels like ‘I Luv U’ in pure energy and intent, mixing the stripped back drum machine workout with a powerhouse vocal performace. Grime has always been a genre that thrived on youth, and this is the next generation stepping up.


Skepta- That’s Not Me Ft. JME [June 2014]

Not really much to say about this tune- if you haven’t heard, let alone madly flailed to it at some point this year then you really need to sort yourself out. A statement of intent and return to form for Skepta, one of the finest MC/ Producers to come from the UK. ‘NAH, NAH THAT’S NOT ME…’


-Bert Coyle


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