Nextup: Big Shizz- 2 Di Wurrrll

It’s not rare for an artist to MC and produce at the same time. Characters like Wiley, Skepta and Footsie make as many beats as they do bar over them. However for some reason I didn’t expect it from Big Shizz, an up and coming MC often seen lurking around sets, including the Lord of the Mics boiler room and Butterz takeover at the Rinse FM pop up shop. Easy to spot with pale skin and red perma-stoned eyes, he has some impressive double time bars that go down well over the right beat; but nothing to write home about as of yet.

His vocals and skinny road kid appearance belie the depth of his beats ,which lean toward introspection, but don’t feel lethargic with ticking percussion and neat sound design. ‘2 Di Wurrrll’, the latest on his soundcloud has a Murlo-esque feel with its staccato melody that transitions into a smooth eski-bass, although with a grit reminiscent more of Ruff Sqwad, with whom he shares a native postcode in the Bow area of London.

– Bert Coyle


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