Nextup: Einerlei – Escapism EP

Leeds’ based Slipstone Records are a new small label with the commendable direction of presenting music from ‘undiscovered artists delivering emotive music across the house and techno spectrum’. Following up from Kesper’s inaugural Moonwalk EP, they welcome newcomer Einerlei for their second release.

Einerlei’s Escapism EP is remarkably mature material for a debut release. His production is notably restrained. Melodies are teased in and out of the songs, aesthetically linked by a sound palette of bubbling synths, bleeps and heavily filtered vocal samples. The songs aren’t structured around a build-release dynamic; instead they grow slowly, generating their response in the listener by sustained immersion instead. I can see a clear analogy between Recondite’s more held-back work, such as Wist 365, and Einerlei’s style. Kesper’s remix of ‘Berg’ adds a bit more weight to kick-drums, and is the most typically club ready sound on the release. However, in the hands of the right DJ each one of Einerlei’s pieces could also engage a club of willing listeners. With such a mature sound on his debut, I look forward to what more Einerlei and Slipstone have to offer. 

Release Date: 28th Jan 2015 // Pre-order here

John Hardy


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