Throwback: Mystic Pleasure – Back Door (Gettin Down)

Blink and we’ve all missed it… little known to most, late last year was the release of this fast-paced funk thriller on the NY based Superior Elevation label. Label Owner Tom Noble has built up a strong reputation of championing disco and funk its purest forms, pushed through his imprint and productions like his ‘Africa Bump’ edits, released in 2009.

‘Back Door’ is a chaotic ensemble, full of illusive funky guitar riffs, triumphant brass and vocal sequences held together by a driving percussion arrangement. The track possesses characteristic funk elements, but it is made much more favourable to the dancefloor thanks to its high tempo. Carrying the swing and movement Chic managed to accomplish so well in ‘Everybody Dance’, ‘Mystic Pleasure’ feels like it would have been a prime choice of Larry Levan back in the 80s, embodying the transitional sound of funk as it moved towards the inception of house music.

Not really much info to suggest whether this is a resurfaced classic, or an expertly crafted edit by Noble and Copeland, either way we’re dealing with one the best funk/disco records to emerge since the rediscovery of Stephen Eninas’s ‘Disco Illusion’  in 2013.

Release: 27.10.2014

Calum Carey


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