Throwback: Inner City- Ain’t Nobody Better (Magic Juan Techno Trix Remix)

Some throwback Detroit grooves from the man himself, Juan Atkins with remix of a track by fellow techno pioneer Kevin Saunderson’s more pop-orientated outfit Inner City. It still sounds fresh today despite being over half a decade older than myself, released in the late 80s (the track, not me). Maybe fresh isn’t the right the word- in isolation the synth violins and brass riffs sound dated compared with the intricate sound design rife today, but the pure groove and sublime bubbling arpeggios that drive the track are timeless.

Chopping vocals and other studio flourishes add colour to the throbbing percussive core of the track, while the vocal morphs from soulful to the ethereal as it melts into the beat. A proper club track to get lost in, and despite it clocking in at over seven minutes you don’t really want it to end.

Released: 1989

-Bert Coyle


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