Events worth leaving the house for: February

February is here, normality has returned and that means that promoters can focus on churning out a huge selection of quality nights for you to get yourself down to this month. There’s a bit of something for everyone, no matter your musical taste, with the beginning of the month looking especially exciting. As usual the focus is shifted towards the weekend but there’s a few midweek events for those feeling brave enough.

House and electronica:
Pick of the month: This is between Harri and Domenic at the Roadhouse and Gerd Janson at Soup Kitchen. They are on different days so technically you could get down and see them both, if you’ve gotta pick just one though, I’d hold out and get yourself down to Roadhouse on Friday for some Glaswegian infused madness.

Friday 6th:
Soup Kitchen – Zutekh
Underground Paris
An absolutely mammoth booking for Zutekh’s 6th Birthday bash, this night promises to deliver quality music in the dingy but lovable confines at Soup Kitchen. Managing to survive for 6 years in the fickle club scene is an impressive feat, a testament to the quality you should expect from this one.

Thursday 12th:
Joshua Brooks – Blurred Vision
An interesting one here, a powder paint party in the small underground space at Joshua Brooks, probably something you’ll either want to avoid or something you can’t wait to get down to. The powder paint aside, they’ve gone and booked a massive lineup of up and comers, Selective Hearing’s Olsen headlines a group that includes South Royston and Tom Jagger. At £3 a ticket its also one of the cheaper events available and should end up being good value for money.

Saturday 14th:
Gorilla – Four20
Damiano Von Erckert, Dan Shake
Four20 have gone grabbed two good’uns for a Valentine’s Day bash that will have you reconsidering that restaurant booking you made a few months ago. A word on Dan Shake, the man has been on an absolute tear as of late and his set is not one to miss. Headliner Damiano Von Erckert is a bit more of a mystery but the work he’s been putting in recently has been of the highest quality, this one should be a lot of fun with two quality selectors doing their thing.

Thursday 19th:
Soup Kitchen – Labour of Love
Gerd Janson
Labour of Love’s first event of the year is going to be an absolute killer way to start the year of, Gerd Janson is coming over from Germany to provide a taste of his beautifully selected house and disco cuts, often referred to as DJ’s DJ, you can guarantee he is absolutely going to kill it and Soup Kitchen should provide a great setting to properly see him work his magic.

Friday 20th:
Roadhouse – Bilderberg
Harri + Domenic
This one comes with some serious pedigree, having been in the underground club scene for 20 years now, Harri and Domenic know what they are doing. As heads of Subculture, a legendary Glaswegian night, they’ve taken the night from strength to strength with their funky and eclectic blend of house and techno selections. Expect a whole lot more of that quality and some of the Glaswegian madness to make its way down south for what will undoubtedly be a can’t miss event.

Saturday 21st:
Joshua Brooks – Jakk
Etapp Kyle
Moving to the other end of the spectrum in terms of established pedigree, Etapp Kyle is a genuine up and comer, having already played alongside the likes of Ben Klock and Loco, this guy has everything going in the right direction. The whole night is underpinned by this emerging talent theme, Jakk’s head man Louis Jakk and Manchester based Sy Chan will both be eager to get out and smash it as well. Expect this one to be full of energy and watch for Etapp Kyle to do some pretty big things in the not so distant future.

Hip Hop, Grime and Garage:
Pick of the month: This has got to be Lord of the Tings and their booking of Crazy Cousins. It isn’t a complete no-brainer because as always, Manchester is packed with quality but Lord of the Tings is definitely one to get yourself down to this month.

Friday 6th:
Gorilla – J Dilla Changed My Life
Mr Thing, Spin Doctor (live), Jonny Dub
A selection of the finest local talent who’ve been inspired by the big man come together in appreciation and to raise money for two worthy causes – the J Dilla Foundation, who aim to give everyone the chance to be as great as Dilla by providing urban music education and LUPUSUK, who work to raise awareness around the condition. Spinning all things Dilla related.

Kraak Gallery– BPM x Bandulu Records
Kahn and Neek
BPM have a tendency to throw an absolutely raucous party, so them getting excited about teaming up with Bandulu Records and also bringing in Kahn and Neek is setting this one up to be a serious night of dancing in sweaty euphoria. It’s also nice to see a change of scene in what can be a very limited selection of venues  in Manchester, Kraak Gallery isn’t the worlds most exotic but its intimacy will only add to an already stellar line-up.

Saturday 7th:
Soup Kitchen – High Bank
Richelle, Samename, [Special Guest]
High Bank – the new night featuring the best in up-and-coming grime, UK funky, ballroom and house, launches with Pelican Fly founder Richelle, along with residents Samename and DJ Croww. Featuring a rare live set from the man himself and if word on the grapevine is to be believed, the special guest is pretty special indeed…

Joshua Brooks – Hit and Run x Ghosts of Garage
DJ Sticky
Hit and run throw parties with an emphasis on quality music, this lineup is packed with names to watch out for in the future, with Sticky’s headline set expected to be complete madness. They’re throwing their first ever party at Joshua Brooks and seemingly have every intention of putting that beautiful speaker system through its paces. Also this is cheap as chips for a Saturday night in town, with advance tickets being a ludicrous £2.50 online.

Wednesday 18th:
South – Lord of the Tings
Crazy Cousins
Lord of the Tings are back at it again for their usual monthly party at South. It seems to be getting more and more love with each passing month and this time round they’ve gone and outdone themselves, Crazy Cousins hardly really need an introduction, being one of the most influential, pioneering contributors to the UK Funky scene. Expect the usual from their talented residents but watch for Crazy Cousins to absolutely steal the show.

Pick of the month: Selective Hearing seem to throw their name into pretty much every techno hat in Manchester these days, but this month it is Ben Sims and the fun-loving team at Meat Free who are throwing the party you simply do not want to miss.
Friday 6th:
Joshua Brooks – Meat Free
Ben Sims
There is so much I want to say but really so little that needs to be said, I can remember Meat Free getting excited about bringing Ben Sims to town way back in November, and they are 100% right to do so. Ben Sims honestly needs no introduction, the man is a Techno-God and he’s playing a 3 hour extended set that is going to be nothing but brilliant. Meat Free has done the absolute right thing by limiting capacity and ensuring a hassle free experience.

Saturday 14th:
Joshua Brooks – Beatnik
Freeman and Farelly
Showcasing a line-up that is eerily familiar to their last, massively successful party in November, Beatnik are back for their monthly night at Joshua Brooks. All of the supporting acts are top quality, Sian Bennett in particular is one to watch. Local boys Freeman and Farelly will bring their usual host of energy to the table, an underground night that will be packed with quality music.

Thursday 19th:
Joshua Brooks – Orbis
Ste Roberts, Winter Son
Orbis have moved their monthly parties to Joshua Brooks and their first one looks like its going to be a midweek night you’re gonna want to brave the hangover for. One of Hypercolour’s main men, Ste Roberts is teaming up with the Orbis residents, bringing over his exquisite track selection in to the Joshua Brook’s basement for a night that will be heavy on quality music.

Saturday 21st:
Sankeys – Selective Hearing
Selective Hearing have been on an absolute tear as of late, coming in with mammoth lineup after mammoth lineup, this is absolutely no different. Both Tama Sumo and Virginia representing Berlin’s Ostgut Ton label, giving this a beautiful European flavour. And then there is Prosumer, a genuine lover of the music he throws out, a quality selector whose enthusiasm goes above and beyond, seeping in to the crowd from behind the decks and creating an absolute killer atmosphere. Selective Hearing also strongly maintain that anyone who has reservations about Sankeys should get down to one of their parties at the club, and to be honest I would be inclined to agree with them.

Saturday 28th:
Joshua Brooks – Grey Area x EarToGround
Grey Area are back after their hugely successful launch party back in December, they’ve teamed up with EarToGround to absolutely stuff this lineup with talent and are also bringing back Mancunian boy Cleric, who by all standards played an unrelenting belter of a set back in December. Expect big things from Grey Area and look for this to be a massive start to the year.

Disco, Funk and Soul:
Pick of the month: No doubt an extremely difficult selection to make here, each night warrants a visit but it has to be the guys over at So Flute and the beautiful variety that Andrew Ashong promises to deliver that gets the vote this time around.
Friday 13th:
Roadhouse – So Flute
Andrew Ashong, Lay Far
Birthday party special for the So Flute team as they celebrate three years of quality parties and class music. Making his Manchester debut is another one of the genuine DJ’s DJ on this list, Andrew Ashong is coming to town and bringing with him one of the finest and most expansive record collections known to man.

Friday 27th:
Roadhouse – Fever 105
Al Kent
Another birthday party to get yourself excited for, another sign of a quality night that has made it through two years in the Manchester club scene and they are extremely excited about it. They are taking it back to basics, remembering how they started and throwing a cheap and cheerful disco infused party, to tie it all together they’ve brought in Class A selector and genuine disco lover, Glasgow’s Al Kent, to deliver a what should be a masterful set.

Bangkok Bar – Stevie Wonderland x Community
Danny Krivit
Stevie Wonderland have been having some huge success recently, with a few really memorable parties in the recent past, and they’ve already got a lot of people excited by bringing Danny Krivit to town. The man is an icon and really doesn’t need any hyping up, they’ve also gone and selected a venue that will allow you to keep going until the very wee hours of the morning, something that Danny Krivit’s incredible track selection is going to have you wanting to do for sure.

Pick of the month: Banana Hill deserve some serious consideration here and Quantic’s set would be one to get down to and watch, the sheer madness that is bound to unfold at Hotmilk’s last party, with Hipsters don’t Dance in tow, is just too much to pass up in the end though.
Thursday 5th:
Soup Kitchen – Banana Hill
Banana Hill are new to the Manchester scene but are already starting to make some serious inroads in to establishing themselves. Over in Sheffield they are well and truly adored, and with good reason when they consistently bring in eye-opening bookings like Quantic, who they’ve got over to play a lovely 2 hour set. They’ve actually got him playing in Sheffield a few days later in a much bigger venue, so we in Manchester should really appreciate getting to see him and his eclectic greatness in such an intimate setting.

Saturday 7th:
Zombie Shack – Oh Bacchanal
DJ Lee
Summer is still a long way away but we can at least start to feel the carnival vibe with DJ Lee and the Bacchanal team. A lot of rum and a genuinely fun atmosphere that doesn’t comprise the quality of music, and all for £3 in advance.

Saturday 14th:
Roadhouse – Hotmilk
Hipsters Don’t Dance
Last time Hipsters Don’t Dance where in town, they absolutely blew the roof off for Frontins’ closing party Joshua Brooks. When I say absolutely blew the roof off I am not exaggerating, they absolutely killed it and you should expect nothing but the same energy and completely ridiculous track selection. The rest of the lineup is nothing to scoff at but sadly this will be Hotmilk’s last monthly party in Manchester, that does mean you can fully guarantee this to go off the whole night though.

Friday 20th:
Joshua Brooks – Overproof
DJ Darka
Overproof returns to Manchester, bringing its cheap and cheerful blend of Soca and rum to the friendly confines of Joshua Brooks. Genuine carnival madness bought to you by crowd favourite, Darka and support coming in from the Oh Bacchanal team to round of what should be a great way to kick-start your weekend.



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