Throwback: Candi Staton – When you wake up tomorrow

With her first release coming in 1970, Candi Staton has been in the game for twice as long as I’ve been alive, and she’s still going strong. Mostly known for her epic contribution to the genres of gospel and soul, her music at times crosses over into the worlds of disco and RnB. It may seem strange that someone who has been inducted into the Christian Music hall of fame also released the IDGAF anthems ‘Young Hearts Run Free’ and ‘You’ve Got the Love’, both of which have the potential to send the dance floor into an unabashed frenzy. More interestingly however, are the absolute gems one is able to unearth if you’re willing to go through nearly 45 years worth of album releases.

Her 1979 album ‘Chance’ is one of these hidden beauties, the anthems that have graced the ears of many a drunken revellers are gone, replaced instead by an album of soulful, upbeat numbers that are guaranteed to get you smiling. The title track of the album ‘Chance’, an early example of contemporary RnB, is an absolute groover and Staton’s vocals are beautifully on display throughout the entire album. The focal track, ‘When You Wake Up Tomorrow’ was also released as a stand alone 12″ and has apparently been used by the likes of Moodymann as an opening number for his sets. The track is the combined work of four different contributors and the result is a shining example of the power that a good disco track has to get you up onto your feet. The whole track is packed with energy and enthusiasm with Staton’s powerful vocals being laid over a funky instrumental that just keeps coming at you, it never backs off and yet you just don’t want it to, the driving force behind this absolute killer of a track.

Release: 1979



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