Nextup: Monoloc – Cupel

Monoloc was recently in town for Grey Area’s launch party at Joshua Brooks, where the techno devotee purportedly delivered an absolute belter of a set. Here we are exploring his work as a producer however, and not as a DJ, taking a look at his recent label debut with the exciting Scottish techno label, Soma.

His body of work up until this point contains some very high quality material, from his early more minimalist work on the ‘Black Pot’ EP containing the eerie and fondly remembered track ‘Mogue‘ to more recent releases such as ‘Things’ EP that gave birth to Rodhad’s unrelenting remix of the title track ‘Things‘. Clearly then, the “Gibson EP” has got some pedigree behind it, and that pedigree is evident throughout the entire EP with each track being crafted with a careful and obvious professionalism that puts listeners at ease.

The title track ‘Gipson‘  is a slow building and broody assault that can work both on and off the dance floor. The real winner is ‘Cupel’ however, lighter in mood but still possessing a genuinely powerful and driving bassline. ‘Cupel’ is layered with playful synths and an airy hi-hat that make this track almost irresistible.



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