Throwback event: So Flute 3rd Birthday w/ Andrew Ashong, Lay-Far, Werkha, Bolts

Since its inception three years ago, so Flute has hosted the likes of Andres, Leatherette and Gilles Peterson. They’ve been welcomed to Manchester with open arms, receiving widespread support from the local clubbing community including the likes of Mr Scruff and Jon K. The nights rightfully attract Manchester’s mover and shakers and at this one we spied Jamie Rennie who’s known across the board to have a pretty great taste in music.

Serving them well for the past three years has been cosmic cave The Roadhouse. Entering said cave at around 12am, we were greeted with a jazzy number from In-Beat-Ween boss Lay-Far that had people all around the club grooving, the crowd as eclectic as the music. With Lay-Far laying down some fabulous Brazilian beat I almost bumped into someone who was probably late 30s (or 70s with considerable botox) and stopped to chat. That type of incident is not isolated at a So Flute party, with a vibe so warm you could probably toast marshmallows on it and is a considerable part of its attraction.

Both Lay-Far and Andrew Ashong are known for being ultimate crate diggers, with the relatively youthful Ashong admitting in a recent interview that he’d been collecting records for over 20 years and his well early, well documented entry into the South London music scene at the ages of 16 so it’s unsurprising that the music was on point the entire set.

Whilst it wasn’t a night full of bangers, if it was possible to concentrate on anything apart from the music, Shazam would’ve taken a battering. It would’ve been nice if Ashong dropped ‘Flowers’ but the night wasn’t lacking opportunities to get on down.

From blissful jazz and to – my personal highlight – the downright funky (check out that sax!) beat of Montana Sextet ‘Heavy Vibes’, every selection was just right to hold onto the crowd, who lapped up each tune with a wiggle and a groove. It would’ve been great even without the slick word skills of MC Kwasi, who made it even better.

Andrew was billed till 3.45am but everyone was having so much fun that he played till we got kicked out, around 4.30am and the crowd was still going strong, boogieing as strong as they were at the beginning of the night; testament to the event as a whole.

Catch the next So Flute at their regular haunt on Friday 13th (oooh) of March where they’ll be hosting Charlie Bones.


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  1. […] plethora of the residents’ knowledge and the occasional guest. Previous guests have included Andrew Ashong, Gilles Peterson and DJ Des Andres. The very first party was held at the Roadhouse and continued […]


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