Throwback: Robert Hood – Nighttime World

One of the founding fathers of minimal techno, a huge head from the Detroit scene, one of the most respected DJ’s in the game today and the kind of guy who will happily let his 18 year old daughter drop a few EDM tunes towards the end of yet another one of his unrelenting sets. Perhaps it’s that IDGAF attitude that has allowed him to be so successful over the years or perhaps its a whole host of other things, whatever it is though, none of us are complaining.

Back in 1995, when a younger Hood was still plying his trade, before he’d been anointed as the godfather of minimal techno and before he’d won our trust, he released an album that would become one of the many stepping-stones that allowed his rise to the top. The album ‘Nighttime World Volume 1’ is raw in production, a little rough around the edges no doubt, but so beautifully conceived that these minor shortcomings are forgiven. Steeped in jazz influences, Hood strips back each track to only its bare essentials, rolling basslines and intricate arrangements underpin an album that has so much playability. From the introspective and moody opener ‘Behind this Door’ to the more club oriented ‘Nighttime’ and back to the atmospheric closer ‘Stark Reality’, each track is noteworthy in their own right.

In this sense ‘Nighttime World’ is more geared towards the clubbing audience, but from start to finish it is so masterfully orchestrated that it really need not be heard in a club in order to be properly appreciated at all. Hood’s love for all things jazz is evident, and he allows to the song to build up at just the right pace, until suddenly you feel like you’ve arrived.  A rolling bassline, playful jazzy sounds and well used percussive noise all come together to create a genuinely euphoric track.

Release Date: 1995



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