Throwback event: Fever 105 2nd w/ Al Kent

Fever 105 celebrated their big 2nd birthday by inviting Glasgow’s Al Kent to The Roadhouse for a stripped back “family and friends” party. A stalwart of the disco scene since before most of us were born, the Million Dollar Disco boss is well regarded for his vast collection of rare disco cuts, quality edits and ability to keep a floor moving. As we arrived, Al was in full swing and it great to see Roadhouse full – but not packed – with an excited crowd.

Truly living up to his reputation, we were provided with a healthy mix of classics such as Teddy Pendergrass’s ‘You Can’t Hide From Yourself’ alongside some lesser known selections, all of which kept the dancers moving beneath the disco ball. The jacking drum solo of ‘Do What You Wanna Do’, in particular proved a serious hit.

Later on, Irfan took over the controls and continued to deliver to a crowd that seemed to just want more.

With a remit of providing a fun, intimate and accessible party, the Fever team certainly delivered in terms of musical quality and the crowd it attracted. Roadhouse – dark, cosy and laid back – is a fantastic venue for such antics and we’re pleased to see Fever taking up residence there for future events.

Only the slightly overzealous (and uncharacteristic) security presence marred what was otherwise a top drawer night of disco goodness.

Thanks to Fever 105 and congratulations on reaching an impressive milestone!

Roadhouse, 27 Feb 2015

– J Robb


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