Throwback: Truss – Osbasten

Truss has been my man of the moment and I’ve been pouring over his releases ever since I saw him last Friday night when Transmission Funk took over the Joshua Brooks basement. They brought Truss, Clouds and a host of others, who delivered a night of thumping, unrelenting techno that almost seemed too gritty for that much beloved basement and subsequently one of the most exhilarating nights I’ve been to in a while.

On the face of things, Tom Russell AKA Truss, is a rather unassuming character and standing behind the decks he comes across as slightly inactive, but this perceived dormancy belies the sheer animalistic quality of his productions and sets.  Nowhere is this more prominent than in his releases under his MPIA3 alias, through which he explores techno’s most brutal side, in an uncompromising but highly skilled fashion.

Truss has been releasing since 2007 and over the past 8 years he has matured and developed into one of British techno’s finest exports. 2010 saw his first solo release with the ‘Osbasten’ EP and whilst it may not have gained the same recognition as some of his later releases, it contains within it one of his finest and most authentic tracks.

Released on the ‘Perc Trax’ label that so beautifully fits his sound, Truss’s first solo EP contains four other tracks and of these four, Donor’s more down tempo remix of ‘Osbasten’ is the standout although Tessela’s dubstep remix would probably have received its fair share of love given that it was produced during a time when dubstep was not considered sacrilegious. The lead track ‘Osbasten’ starts of heavy and then continues to build, slowly, layering itself with industrial sounds that add to the menacing vibe of the track. This track begs to be heard over a huge sound system at some dingy warehouse rave, yet it is not your usual late night chugger, it is thoughtful, introspective and carefully constructed, a fitting and simplistic display of Truss’s skill and ability as a producer.



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