Nextup: Jonny Cade – Work it out (Tapesh Remix)

Jonny Cade is a man on the rise at the moment, from his residency at Flux in Leeds to his hugely successful 2013 EP ‘Find My Way’ on the 2020:Visions label, his career has always charted an upward path. When he came to Manchester a few weeks ago, he played a set for Love Array’s launch party that by all accounts went off about ten times over. This after-hours debauchery and the slaying of dancefloors has essentially become commonplace for Cade however, with his seamless mixing, a huge variety of tracks to draw from and that special knack of knowing just went to play a certain song, it really is a pleasure to watch him do his thing.

As a producer, he is just as eclectic, just as unbridled and hugely motivated by his love for the music. Eclecticism and production make for an interesting combination however, and whilst Cade’s music certainly pushes the boundaries, some of his stuff can be slightly hit and miss. With this is mind I was extremely excited to sit down and listen to his latest EP ‘Work it out’ released on the Lost Records label. The five track EP is filled with hints and touches that make Cade’s style so unique, with Raffa FL’s remix of ‘Here to stay’ slotting in perfectly in the midst of it all. The lead track ‘Work it out’ is a masterfully constructed piece that just rolls on, layered with one of the most interesting vocal loops in recent months.

In his more stripped back remix, Tapesh retains this vocal loop and this gives his track just enough of a hint of Jonny Cade to remind you that you’re listening to music that may not appeal to everyone’s taste, but when it hits, it really hits hard.

Release date: 09.03.2015



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