Nextup: K15 – Insecurities (EP)

Listening to K15’s debut release on Kyle Hall’s Wild Oats label is like being whisked away to a beach. It’s ultimately Balearic in sound with a lot of soul and spikes of jazz. The man from north London sets the scene with ‘The Story of HER Life’ – ticking all the boxes, a real showcase of his prowess in production. The vocal sample comes from a 90’s house tune, and is truly soul-searching.

Next up, ‘GWRH’ will prick the ears of pretty much every house music enthusiast out there, as it samples the chords of an absolute classic from Crystal Waters. The track is enticing with its funky drums and claps, invoking every listener to helplessly recite the lyrics to the original. At this point, Kieron Ifill takes the centre stage, as the next two tracks are extremely penetrable. ‘Insecurities’ and ‘Gratitude’ slowly create a sense of hypnotic, musical stupor, with those soft chords and deep basslines. He supplements them with cheeky saxophone loops, vocal stabs and jazzy-synth solos, all of which urge the listener to move and groove.

Get ready; it’s coming to an end and what better way to do it than with ‘Yellow’, his encore track that will remind us all why we love electronic music. The jazz influences in his music come into play with this one, starting it off with an atmospheric synth loop, switching between that and its raw piano keys. Anticipation begins to build for the beat to kick in, and when it finally does… wow! This guy deserves massive recognition. Insecurities EP was released at the end of 2014, and sold out within two months. It has just been repressed, and will be shipped out to all good record shops for April. Treat yourself to this double 12” masterpiece, and join me on that beach.

Release: 27.10.2014 (repress: 17.04.2015)

Freddy Aldis


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  1. […] hotspots such as Berlin. In light of the re-press last month, we reviewed that flawless 12″ ‘Insecurities’ (EP). This month, our writer Freddy caught up with him to ask the man behind the music a few questions. […]


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