Throwback: FJAAK – Mind Games

FJAAK are a trio from Berlin who have been mates since childhood. At some point they had the bright idea of collaborating under one moniker and since they’ve they have gone from strength to strength. Last year they caught my attention when they released  the certified bangers ‘Don’t leave me‘ and ‘Plan A‘ on the always stellar 50 Weapons label. Later that year they dropped a three track EP ‘Attack/The Wind’, off of which, ‘The Wind‘ is a thumping dancefloor chugger that has some serious groove. Finally, earlier this year they really made me sit up and listen when they dropped ‘Oben/Unten’, the former of which is pretty much guaranteed to send any dancefloor into drink-spilling frenzy mode.

In actuality however, the boys from Berlin have been making waves for a lot longer than that, with their aptly titled debut album ‘Introduction EP’ making some serious noise back in 2012. What they followed it up with however is what really put them on the scene when they dropped their ‘Mind Games EP’ on the extremely interesting Baalsaal Records label. That EP contains an extremely popular remix of ‘Don’t Cry‘ by SLG, but the real winner is the lead track ‘Mind Games’. Right now the underground world is heavily slanted towards techy dancefloor slayers, which really do make for a great time. Sometimes however, it is nice to throwback to a time when the deeper sounds where more in favour.

These deeper tracks are how FJAAK managed to get their foot in the door and the reason for that is their sheer talent at capturing the essence of a proper deep house track. Much of their work, especially there earlier stuff is pretty much live jam recordings and what they’ve managed to create out of that funky snyth, piercing hi-hat and rolling bass is absolutely stunning.
Release: 2013



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