Nextup clubnight: Hairbrain presents The Glimmers

Hairbrain have an impeccable track record. Their events are sporadic but always of the highest calibre – take their last guests, Scottish duo Optimo – where every punter leaves with a smile and the feeling they’ve been part of something special. One of their first guests was HudMo himself, gracing the tiny confines of Saki Bar.

This time around they’re bringing Belgian duo The Glimmers to Joshua Brooks and they’ve written such a great introduction to The Glimmers, we feel that it’s best to leave it (largely) untouched…

‘Flavours of the month come and go but when you’ve been in the game for nearly 30 years, you know a thing or two about keeping a crowd on its toes. David Fouquaert and Mo Becha, aka The Glimmers, graduated from the break dance and graffiti scene [sic] before taking a DJ residency in their native Ghent in 1987. Rockers, New Wavers, Goths, and New Beat club kids would all come and go over the course of the night where just the two of them would hold it down for 12 hours straight, educating themselves in the art of holding a dance floor, going on a journey with a disregard for genre, blending styles and switching tempos.

Influenced by the sounds coming out of the legendary Boccaccio Club outside Ghent, where club kids from all over Europe would come to hear industrial and EDM tracks played slower and pitched higher to create a dark, metronomic, relentlessly grooving soundtrack; The Glimmers became early exponents of the Belgian new beat sound. The duo have gone on to build a career DJing around the world, co-founding and recording for Eskimo Recordings and remixing everyone from Grace Jones to New Order. Few DJs are as versatile, or adventurous, as at home banging out techno in a festival tent as constructing sublime mosaics of disco oddities, psychedelic funk, off-the-wall remixes, trippy pop and euro sleaze in sweaty basements.

As anyone who has seen them live or heard their seminal Serie Noire mixes can attest, these guys do neither linear sub-genre sets, nor ‘eclectic’ dog’s dinners, but carefully crafted testaments to a lifetime digging in crates and moving dance floors the world over. They’ll be bringing a touch of their pitched down, groove-laden goodness to Joshua Brooks’ Void Sound System.’

Support comes from Hairbrain resident, DMC DJ champion and RBMA alumnus, Jay-P,  one of the original members of the Lucky Me collective alongside The Blessings, Rustie, and Hudson Mohawke.Further support will come from Pete Mangalore and the Hairbrain DJs.

Jack Hairbrain has recorded an exclusive, vinyl-only mix for your listening pleasure. Listen and if you like what you hear, buy a ticket here:

Jet Set – Dr John (Optimo Edit)
Secret Squirrels – Edit 2 (side B)
West Phillips – I’m just a sucker for a pretty face (instrumental)
Steel Mind – Bad Passion
BWH- Stop
Blancmange- The Game Above My Head
Boytronic – Brylliant
Noodleman – Rustie Halo
Happy Mondays – Wrote for Luck (Vince Clarke mix)
Level 42 – Micro Kid (dub version)
Glowing Palms – ?
Marcel King – Reach for Love (New York edit)

– Kim Kahan


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