Throwback: Floating Points – J&W Beat

It’s amazing that this Floating Points record is 6 years old, released on ‘Planet Mu’ in the summer of 2009. Despite it being one of his earliest releases, it’s still fresh and forward thinking, proving Sam Shepherd’s ability to produce timeless electronic music.

The A-side, ‘J&W Beat’, has a sharp start, but soon transcends into something bouncy and blissful. The waves of the melody become almost tangible, oscillating in the listener’s periphery. No one is ready for what’s to come on the flip…

Now for the hidden treasure, ‘K&G Beat’ is a prized possession. The 2-step rhythm laced with the high rising strings, and the ghostly vocal sample is truly tingling. The chords are full of nostalgia. It’s celestial in sound and feeling. The listener is poised for something unworldly, awaiting their prayers to be answered. Heavens open with a loud offbeat snare, provoking heads to nod frantically. Musical nirvana.

Release: 03.07.2009

Freddy Aldis


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