Throwback event: High Hoops presents DJ Sprinkles

15th May, The Roadhouse


DJ Sprinkles has obtained cult status recently, her name appearing regularly on underground Facebook music groups with her mixes being assessed and re-assessed by ‘heads’ all over the country (and elsewhere). The Manchester scene erupted upon the news that Sprinkles had been booked by newcomers High Hoops and tickets shifted rapidly.

Held in the soon-defunct Roadhouse, the crowd was an odd one – girls with heels danced next to others with bindis and groups of students mingled with yo pros mingled with parents. It was refreshing to see a crowd so mixed.

Following Willow at 1am, who’d played a decent mid-end of the night set – techno and bass heavy house tunes – a bit prematurely; Sprinkles began with a build-up, hunched over the mixer like a wizard, conjuring up all manner of hypnotic sound. She took her time mixing each song and we caught tantalising snatches of the ‘1960 What’ bassline, manipulating each track into a Sprinkles moment.

The first song went on for about 10 minutes; twisting and turning its way through a soulful journey, as the crowd became more and more bored. In the first hour of her set about half left the club. Later on the music picked up and the remaining people were crowd surfing, dancing on speakers in heels, creating a general atmosphere of joyous debauchery, a spectacle which Sprinkles was completely oblivious to as she was engrossed in the mix.

A fun night which began as distinctly average and ended above, worth sticking around for. Watching Sprinkles was fascinating. Her obvious passion for the art was a joy to behold. As the last song faded out, the club was still half full as the crowd lingered, wooping and calling for an encore.


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