Throwback: Point G – Underwater

This track is sexy. French house at its best, produced by local hero and now house music veteran DJ Gregory under his darker alias, Point G. ‘Underwater’ is the opening track to the rare ‘On The Raw Again’ EP, released back in 1998 on Basic Recordings. So rare in fact, that it goes for nearly €100s on Discogs.

Gregory Darsa actually admitted to RA back in 2013 that he was ”completely stoned” when producing ‘Underwater’ and it’s evident when listening. It has that classic 808 kick layered with raw hi-hats and a very subtle hypnotic bassline. However, what makes the track really interesting is its wavey, underwater synth; the melody sails in and out giving the song a trippy vibe.

‘Underwater’ became a cult-classic in Paris and has recently been re-discovered thanks to Apollonia, who re-released it as a single to remind the city of the ‘French touch’ that their heroes once created. For those who like the early Daft Punk records and want to delve further into the French house scene, DJ Gregory and his series of monkiers are a great place to start.

Release: 1998

Freddy Aldis


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