Nextup: Boddika & Joy Orbison – TMTT

In typical Boddika & Joy Orbison fashion, the release of TMTT has been delayed to the pivotal point of its popularity, generating as much hype as possible. ‘TMTT’ first appeared in Joy O’s Essential Mix last July and it wasn’t long before the YouTube rips of various tracks started to appear, claiming to be a product of the unison.  Joy confirmed that one of these was legitimate via Facebook.

Based on Joy’s statement, we can probably assume that this is the first release of a ‘special’ series. Then again, who knows what to expect with these pair. The pre-orders of ‘TMTT’ sold out in days over at Phonica but rest assured, there will be more of this single-sided 10” white label release over the coming weeks.

This isn’t the usual brand of techno that we usually see on their SunkLo label though, oh no. Unlike crowd-favourite ‘Mercy’, this one is much more funky, with a slower BPM. The main melody is brass sounding, like a saxophone, and is so, so addictive.

It’s hard to name many UK producers that have ventured into this deeper side of dance music, could this be the start of a new era in the UK scene? Whatever happens, what we do know is that time and time again, Boddika & Joy O break the rules to sculpt something magnificent.

Release: 01.06.2015

Freddy Aldis


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