Throwback: Quando Quango – Love Tempo

What better way to celebrate Manchester’s music history by sticking this beauty on? ‘Love Tempo’ went on to become Quando Quango’s anthem record and could be argued the inspiration to the rise of Chicago House in the late 80’s. First released in 1983 on Factory Records, just after the opening of the world famous Haçienda nightclub. Where vocalist of the band, Mike Pickering went on to become resident DJ, hosting the legendary house night; ‘Nude’.

It was through Mike’s melody and Dutch-born Hillegonda Rietveld’s rhythm where the eclectic sounds of Quando Quango were first spawned. Initially, forming in Rotterdam but then soon moving to Manchester to make things happen. And with ‘Love Tempo’, it certainly happened. These guys were onto something…

The record, like the name, has a warm and fuzzy complexity throughout. There is a mixture of latin, jazz, and disco, with lyrics that are hard to decipher, yet the song as a whole makes perfect sense. The infectious bassline and array of synths jolt the listener into position but it’s the cheeky saxophone that gets the whole crowd moving.

Release date: 1983

Freddy Aldis


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