Nextup: Scuba – Drift (Mr Tophat and Art Alfie Remix)

A couple of years ago the Swedish duo of Mr Tophat and Art Alfie dropped ‘Marlboro Light‘ and simultaneously launched their own label Karlovak’, geared unashamedly towards the club. With plenty of releases in tow, the duo have established themselves as producers who know what they want to do (rock a dancefloor) and they do it extremely well. As Resident Advisor have pointed out, the majority of their music follows a pretty simple formula of combining disco samples with hard-hitting, unrelenting beats. To this end they’ve crafted out the identity of their label ‘Karlovak’ with a bevy of releases that are ready to go straight from the studio to the club, all the while maintaining an extremely high level of professionalism. All of this serves to make ‘Karlovak’ an entertaining label to follow and with an extremely recent release on the label from Ben Simms, things only seem to be getting better.

Most recently the duo turned their attention to remixing Scuba’s latest release on his own ‘Hotflush Recordings’ label. The original is a downtemp piece of chill-out music that, whilst interesting at times, is largely unremarkable. Luckily then, the Swedish duo’s remix is worlds apart, although its influence can be heard. As soon as those hi-hats hit over the rolling bassline, the entire affair feels like one of those tiny waves of euphoria that get you at certain points in the night.

The bassline itself is beautifully conceived, it’s light and uplifting enough to push the dancefloor over and above and yet it’s dark and heavy enough to keep on chugging well into the early hours of the morning. Throw in that slightly eerie vocal loop and airy-fairy background noises and the track comes together beautifully, simply begging for a sound system worth its weight in salt.

Hamraj Gulamali


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