The Pill Report: Mala at Pangaea

Pangaea is the infamous Manchester student fancy dress all night festival. Featuring a plethora of acts including Sister Sledge, Boddika, Mala and Submotion Orchestra, it takes charge of all three/four floors of the University of Manchester Student Union for a night and morning of revelry, fancy dress and people getting as spangled as possible in the name of ‘post-exam frolics’. This is Manchester after all, which came top of the class in a recent drugs survey which showed that a whopping 85% of students had tried illicit substances.

I’d already sorted out my apocalypse costume when I got a call about three hours before, asking if I’d interview Mala. “Are you out of your mind? I can’t interview him, I want to get fucked with all my mates and you can’t do an interview when you’re garried” is what I should’ve said. But this might’ve been the only time I’d ever get to interview the dubstep legend. I jumped at the chance to ask the DMZ creator what he thought of Skrillex. Who wouldn’t?

So I did some predrinks ‘research’, wrote some questions down on the back of an envelope (let’s call it the envelope of shattered dreams), shoved them in my bag and went on my merry way. Queuing up, I was panicking that I’d never finish interviewing Mala and subsequently I’d get out at about 3am, with three hours to go and my head completely not-mashed and absolutely 100% sober.

digital m

100% sober, not.

The artist liaison seperated me from my friends and I followed her backstage. Suddenly I realised that this Mala interview would last no more than 20 minutes as my questions weren’t the best of the best and let’s face it, he’d be tired too. I could totally get away with popping a pill before the interview. That way I’d be able to catch up with my pals and really celebrate the end of exams with everyone.

So as she led me around a corner chattering merrily away, I popped a pill. It got stuck in my throat and I hadn’t any water to get it out. If you’ve taken pills before you’ll know that they really don’t taste very nice. Imagine sucking on a paracetamol for 20 minutes and times the taste of that by 10. Gagging, I think I managed to hide my horror and disgust. She took me into the room and told me to wait for him and left.

I spotted a tap and ran to it, glugging on the elixir as hard as possible to unwedge the horrendous pill-piece from my tonsils. Looking up I spot a man staring at me ‘yo you alright’. This guy was slight and didn’t have dreadlocks and he didn’t look like Mala. Damn, where was he? If he didn’t arrive soon I’d be fucked.

A lot nicer (!) than the backstage sink.

A lot nicer (!) than the backstage sink.

Playing it cool, I leant on the side of the backstage sink and acted really normal for about 30 mins until I felt my eyes start to shake and the room went a bit wavey. Fuck, I’m fucked. Mala was still nowhere to be seen. Then I had a brainwave. I’ll go, dance off the drugs then come back a bit soberer to meet Mala, perfect.

I left and went to dance to Sister Sledge.

About four hours later I interviewed Mala. You can find that here. It wasn’t my best interview, I didn’t even ask him about Skrillex. At one point I offered him some water but he politely declined. I felt pretty bad asking him about mindfulness with my jaw on the floor but hey, that’s life.

– anonymous


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