Throwback: DJ Mehdi – Survivol

DJ Mehdi soon made a name for himself in Paris by joining hip-hop circles and producing beats for the likes of MC Solaar in the late 90’s. By the millennium, he had made worldwide acclaim as his production evolved into a more electronic sound. Signing to Ed Banger Records, he went on to release the first album for the label, ‘Lucky Boy’ in 2006.

The ‘Lucky Boy At Night’ album came a year later in 2007 and was a re-release of its predecessor, featuring new tracks, edits and remixes. Like most of his projects, it was a beautiful blend of what Mehdi liked to describe as ‘’beats and blues’’. Track seven, aptly named ‘Survivol’ is one that will live long in the memory of those that followed Mehdi.

The track starts with playful percussion that slowly gets louder until the hardest snare brings in a synth-heavy melody. The euphoric melody battles through till the end with the help of a sequence of nostalgic chords uplifting the listener to a higher state of consciousness, a consciousness where DJ Mehdi lives forever.

Release: 2007

Freddy Aldis


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