A guide to… minimal techno

This month we’ll be bringing you a series of features focusing on both ‘minimal’ and ‘maximal’ techno.

We’re starting on the minimal side of things by throwing out a few tracks produced from some of the biggest names in the genre, dropped on some of its most important labels. If this gets you interested in the history and development of minimal techno, then make sure to check out the rest of the features when they drop later this month.

DBX – Losing Control – Peace Frog Records – 1994

Daniel Bell (a.k.a DBX) was one of the first to actively move away from the hardcore techno sound in the early nineties and focus on a stripped back composition. This track is an absolute gem and its vocal loop is hauntingly beautiful.

Jeff Mills – Vertical – Axis – 1994

One of the founding fathers of minimal techno throwing out an absolute beaut on Axis, one of the first labels to have prolonged success whilst focusing on a more minimal sound.

Markos Nikolai – Rood – Perlon – 1997

Perlon is the quintessential minimal techno label, one of the earliest European labels to focus specifically on that type of sound, co-founded my Markos Nikolai and still going strong today.

Plastikman – Psyk – Minus – 1998

Even if you had no care in the world about the minimal aesthetic, your brain will inevitably reach the conclusion that Minus as a label is going for a very particular, reductionist vibe. You would be completely correct; Richie Hawtin (a.k.a Plastikman) was, for a long time, a minimal techno pioneer and Minus is his brainchild.

Murat Tepeli ft. Prosumer – Lov – Playhouse – 2005

Playhouse Records, Murat Tepeli and Prosumer are all well respected names in the worlds of house and techo, with no specific ties to the minimal sound and yet even they were drawn in the world of reductionist composition in 2005 when minimal sound was at its absolute peak.

Voiski – Ad Infinitum – Construct Re-form – 2014

Voiski‘s exploration of ultra-rigid and repetitive compositions that somehow remain danceable is legendary, really pushing the boundaries of minimal composition, but still managing to maintain its appeal.

Floorplan – Ritual – EPM Music – 2015

Regarded by many as the godfather of proper minimal techno, he stood alongside Daniel Bell as they actively decided to move away from hardcore and his 1994 album ‘Minimal Nation’ basically gave the sub-genre its name. Not to mention that he’s still just as active in the game today as he was 20 years ago.

Hamraj Gulamali


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