Nextups and Throwbacks: So Flute

So Flute move to their new home The Ruby Lounge this weekend, after their residency at the Roadhouse came to an end in May.

We spoke to Yadava about the old songs which defined the Roadhouse era and the new songs which will be heard at The Ruby Lounge…

Tell us your top five throwbacks – tracks which defined the Roadhouse era?

  • George Duke – Look What You Find (when I forgot this record at the final So Flute I had to literally run home to make sure it got a spin)
  • Aquarian Dream – You’re A Star (stone cold So Flute classic and inspiration for our 2014 NYE flyer)
  • Don Blackman – Never Miss a Thing (so many great songs from this LP but this is a personal favourite)
  • Michel Cleis – Mir A Nero (always worth the wait for the breakdown, this record hasn’t left my bag since I bought it)
  • Akoya Afrobeat Ensemble – P.D.P (absolute killer tempo change, guaranteed to set off any So Flute dance floor).

Tell us your top five nextups – tracks which you see yourself playing out more and more – The Ruby Lounge era?

  • Gangsterboy – Reality Band and Show (recent reissue from ATON of a super rare soul tune, this gets sweeter with every listen)
  • Jack J – Thirstin’ (expect to hear this probably everywhere all summer)
  • Tenorio Jr. – Nebulosa (beautiful Brazilian reissue I picked up recently from the Mr Bongo crew, any Mosca fans might recognise the intro)
  • Jorge Bem & Os Mutantes – Minha Menina (shout outs to Rebecca Didi for this one, I’d never heard it until recently. More Brazilian sounds for the summer)
  • Fouk – Kill Frenzy EP – (loose, jazzy house with a killer bassline; check Wood Brass & Steel‘s cover of classic tune ‘Always There’).

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