Nextup: Mark Henning – Sideways

Soma have had one hell of a year thus far and longtime collaborator Mark Henning‘s latest release on the label only adds to the quality of this years catalogue.

Henning has been releasing on Soma since 2008 and the partnership has been a happy one. Old skool tracks such ‘Moody Bastard‘ and ‘I lost my brain at Wrinchout’ show that Henning has been throwing out quality stompers for a while. Recent trips to the studio have produced the likes of ‘Blackout’ and ‘Jack and Jill’, which show that the man who cut his teeth and then rose to prominence as a minimal producer can adapt his style as times change, but still maintain enough of an IDGAF attitude to stay true to his roots.

Along with his attitude of making music that appeals to him, Henning has a self-confessed hatred of anything remotely ‘cheesy’. To this effect, much of his music is on the slightly darker, wonkier side of techno and his newest EP ‘Joyride’ is no different. The lead track ‘Joyride’ is a melodic groover with an uplifting clap that adds some serious swing to the track. Building on this, ‘Dust’ is like its moodier, grittier and faster older brother with a bassline that gives the track slightly more attitude, and finally the close track ‘Mars Attack’ is a trippy, syncopated assault on the senses. My favourite is ‘Sideways’ – a stripped-back belter that escalates with indecent urgency, throwing out otherworldly sounds before unleashing a cacophony of hi-hats layered over a brutal bassline with enough jack to rock even the tamest of dancefloors.

Release Date: 3.8.2015

Hamraj Gulamali


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