Nextup event: Field Maneuvers – seven unmissable acts

Field Maneuvers is an underground electronic music festival set somewhere in the countryside surrounding London (location TBA as of yet), now in its third year. The organisers have chosen to keep the capacity gloriously intimate at 650, but have managed yet again to draw in one of the the best lineups we’ve seen all summer.

There are some absolute gems to discover, alongside the bigger names. With that in mind, here’s a list containing some of the top acts you really shouldn’t miss if you’re one of those in attendance…

Auntie Flo: with the line-up across the weekend pretty heavily slanted towards the heavier side of things, you’ll want some respite, and who better to give it to you than Auntie Flo. Not that he can’t get heavy with the best of them – he mixes things up by drawing on a little bit of everything from pretty much everywhere around the globe.

Nick Craddock: out and out “DJ’s DJ”, he has been in the game for years and is always consistent. Keeps plying his trade and just keeps getting better. Whatever time he might be playing, make sure you check him out.

Tasha: one of those London based names to watch out for, her night ‘Neighbourhood’ has seen some mint bookings recently and if the quality of her bookings is anything to go by, her set should be absolutely live.

Daniel Avery: couldn’t leave him off the list, but really don’t think much more needs to be said about this man, who – to this day – is still the best technical DJ I’ve ever seen live.

Volte-Face: came to my attention back in March when he played in Manchester, makes sense to drop his name in after Daniel Avery’s as his set might not be to everyone’s taste, but it will be eye-opening – to say the least.

Optimo: throwing out the big names now but hey, these guys know how to throw a party and they most certainly know how to hold things down when they’re behind the decks. Another Glaswegian name along with Auntie Flo, these Scots are definitely putting in the miles.

Francis Inferno Orchestra: excited to see this Ozzie – whilst he approaches things a bit differently with his DJ sets, some of his productions are genuinely euphoric and he should slot in perfectly at Field Maneuvers.

There are a whole host of names – both homegrown and international – that haven’t been touched on…

Event date: 4th – 6th September, 2015


Hamraj Gulamali


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