Nextup: Aeroplane – Dancing With Each Other

Aeroplane a.k.a Vito De Luca is back at it, dropping another EP, ‘Page One is Love’, on the wildly successful Eskimo Recordings label. This time he’s moving away from the balaeric sound he normally employs with a stated intent of trying to re-connect with the style and simplicity found in early house tracks from the Chicago and New York days, from which the producer initially took a lot of his inspiration.

The move is a welcome one, not because Aeroplane can’t do the baleric/nu disco sound – he can and is extremely talented at producing tracks of this nature. No, the move is welcome because its often a pleasure to listen to an accomplished producer as they try something slightly more adventurous. The first track ‘Page One is Love’ has a juicy bassline and a couple of vocal samples that may seem slightly cheesy at first, but grow as the track develops. The track is topped of with a tight piano sample that ties that whole thing together nicely and makes it an extremely listenable track. The two remixes on the EP are well worth a listen, with Cassara’s more soulful remix of ‘Page One is Love’ standing out by connecting well with the original source material and intent.

The standout from the EP however is the b-side ‘Dancing with Each Other’, a Disco infused number with a poppy vocal loop that manages to hold your attention for the duration of the track. The breakdowns of the track are littered with playful and  typically Aeroplane-esque sounds and that wholesome bassline keeps the track chugging along for its entirety.

Release: 17.8.15

Hamraj Gulamali


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