Nextup: Golden Teacher – On The Street

Glasgow six-piece Golden Teacher strike once more, breaking with the Optimo label to self release ‘Sauciehall Enthrall’, their fourth EP. And it’s a mad visionary, unheralded and unholy racket.

Stylistically, it feels like a departure from their past recordings. The four tracks explore Latin American and Jamaican influences. Cassie Ojay steps up to front the band and sings/drawls ‘On The Street’ in tough and bitter Spanish. Her performance gives the track menace and its focus, the instrumentation being pretty much entirely percussion. Crescendos approach like drummers marching through the fevelas on an otherwise bare day, then drop away to leave dyadic rhythmic hooks. Wild and anarchic elements swirl all over this EP, like the kitchen sink drum sounds and the stoney reverb, but it’s all precise and proficient. The sound is live and analogue, but never messy. Not much happens harmonically but the more I listen to it, the more I am immersed in the dynamics and technicalities of the band’s performance.

‘Sauciehall Enthrall’ draws on the rich traditions of 80’s New York and 90’s Kingston, and Glasgow’s own fine heritage, but it’s context is overwhelmingly the band’s own disenchantment and energy. Taut and livid, it sounds startlingly fresh. They still haven’t released an album, but their live shows are already legendary. Just like their previous 12″s, they designed the artwork for the limited first pressing. Act fast if you want one of those 500.

Release: 4.8.15

Mike Curtis


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