Nextup: JTC and Capracara – Reggie, Don’t Panic

Londoner Capracara enlists assistance from across the Atlantic in the form of James T. Cotton aka Tadd Mullinix for his latest EP. Both artists are devoted to things a bit squelchy, 303 and jack orientated so no surprise the result goes a bit acieeeed. What is a surprise is just how flagrantly it sets out to blow a hole in the dancefloor – bounding along at 140 bpm for 10 minutes.

The unusually brisk tempo aside, this track is a homage to acid house in it’s prime. A couple of frenetic and weirdly modulating synths are welded onto the rhythm track to create a real adrenaline rush, and over this JTC and Capracara sort through a tool box of 90’s dance keys. I count four different chord patches and, much like producers in limited home studios of yore, they recombine these parts to fill out the track. The harmonies are nicely constructed but the fusion of nostalgia and vigour feels slightly uncoordinated.

On the flip side ‘Bubble N Squeak’ takes a simpler formulation, though it sounds like they are reminiscing again, specifically of classic Audion. There are lots of elements to make ‘Reggie, Don’t Panic’ stand out but I wonder who’ll be bold enough to find a place for this idiosyncratic piece in their DJ sets.

Release date: 29.09.15

– Mike Curtis


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