Nextups and throwbacks: Inside Out

Inside Out is a new monthly venture run by two residents of Development clubnight. Veterans of the scene, with regular slots at Boogizm parties in Manchester (Chris) and Huddle with Dan J in Sheffield (Mike), the Inside Out founders have a wealth of experience between them and a jolly big record collection, too.

Inside Out came about after a few glasses of wine at a friend’s house – when the chance to put on Inkswel came up, the two decided to go for it! Their second party brings  rising star, K15, up from London to play some records in the Soup Kitchen basement. His productions speak for themselves but it was his mixes and his wide range of musical taste that made the duo want to book him.

Ahead of their second show, we asked the two to pick their top five nextups and top five throwbacks.

Inside Out Presents K15 (Wild Oats/Dimensions) @ Soup Kitchen, 18/09/15
Tickets: £6 through Party For the People


  • Nohelani Cypriano – ‘Lihue’
    Mike: “I first heard this on an excellent comp called ‘Maiden Voyage’ from Rainer Truby in 2007 and have been playing it since, has recently been given a new lease of life by the excellent Athens Of The North label on a 7″.
  • Medlar – ‘Sleep’
    M: My most watched/listened to track on YouTube is in fact an album, not sure if this is cheating! Medlar’s phenomenal ‘Sleep’ album on Wolf Music from a couple of years back with some beautiful accompanying visuals from Letty Fox here. Keep your ears peeled for Medlar’s new remix of Dele Sosimi on Wah Wah, going to be huge!
  • Galaxians – ‘My Shit Is Custom’
    M: Played this whole Galaxians E.P on Rotating Souls to death over the last couple of years and have been asked what it is pretty much every time. Authentic boogie sounds outta West Yorkshire. If you get chance go and see the chaps live!”
  • Travis Biggs – ‘Tibetan Serenity’
    Chris: “This is an brilliant album which my girlfriend owns and I regularly steal from her. She actually bought it for a different track and so we were both very pleased to discover this jazz funk monster was on it. Anything that has harps on it is an easy sell for me, and the drums on it are magic. Get the album.
  • Michael Henderson – ‘Goin Places’
    C: Another wicked album, loads of ace tracks on it, but this is the best. As with a lot of my favourite tracks of this ilk, the vocal delivery is laid back, raw and sounds totally effortless. It’s so deep.”


  • Harvey Sutherland – ‘Q3’
    M: “Probably my biggest record over the last 12 months or so. Think I need to stop playing it! Have a few from the synth saviour Mr Sutherland in my bag but this is the one I reach for at pretty much every gig.
  • Dego & Kaidi – ‘Black is Key’
    M: Nothing like a broken beat record to sort the dancers from the zombies. The whole Dego & Kaidi EP is fire and this one went off at our first party at Soup Kitchen.”
  • The Nuclear Family – ‘Bedroom Dreamer’
    C: “The whole of this EP is ace, but this is the standout track, and every time I’ve played it people always come running to ask what it is. It channels the unmistakable sound of one of my musical heroes, Larry Heard and fits my blueprint for perfect house music: a simple production and arrangement with deep sounds and lush melodies.
  • Zhane – ‘Crush’ (K15 Remix)
    C: This is the first track that turned me onto our next guest at Inside Out: K15. Further research into him illustrated how versatile a producer (and DJ) he is, tackling different genres of music with ease and a consistent style. This is an amazing record, I listen to it all the time.
  • Begin – ‘Bassballs’
    C: The production on this record is amazing and it’s produced by local DJ hero James Holroyd. As Bugged Out resident he is for me not really known for this style of music, so it is all the more impressive that he can turn his hand to this style with such class. The whole EP is mega and I highly recommend buying anything on this label on sight.”

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