Nextup: Florist – Marine Drive

All Caps have been getting credit as a blossoming label fresh out of Glasgow. Here they again serve up tracks of Canadian origin: newcomer Florist is yet another name to burst out of Vancouver in recent years.

The tracks are relatively uncomplicated, low key house and techno tracks made rich with atmosphere and texture from a diversity of influences and techniques. Most memorable is ‘Marine Drive’, a cosmic fug with a sweet kick drum in its midst like a marshmallow afloat in hot cocoa. Chicago house flavours and echoing synths mingle with field recordings and heaps of sidechaning, and if you have an inkling that there’s something familiar in there, you might want check out the classic break from Lyn Collins ‘Think’. It’s made cohesive by the reserve of Florist’s composition and an expert mix. Wistfulness and dance floor momentum are sweetly balanced.

The first press of the ‘Phenomena’ EP sold out in a rush. All Caps label head Bake had to announce a repress was in the pipeline a week after release to allay resellers. Vinyl only.

Release date: September 2015

Mike Curtis


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