Nextups and throwbacks: Rubric

Rubric is the brainchild of Ben Grindrod and Dean Hunt; where hosting top-draw techno and house artists in small, intimate surroundings isn’t just a bonus – it’s a priority. Their first event saw NAIL playing at The Whiskey Jar – a venue on the edge of  Manchester’s Northern Quarter – which is building a name for itself in the underground techno scene. Diego Krause (Apollonia) heads up Rubric’s second outing at the venue on 2nd October.

They picked their top five nextups and top five throwbacks below…

Sonodab – ‘Destempo’
They say: “This came out last week on Park & Ride, a label we follow closely – only three releases in and each one has been top quality. A real groover!”

Zendid – ‘The Distance’
Out at the end of the month on John Dimas’ new Elephant Moon label, with loads of good hype. Deep and sexy with a cosmic vibe.

Mr G – ‘Music for All’
This one by the legendary Mr G has not long been out, the energy and bass does it for us every time that needle hits the wax.

Diego Krause – ‘B1’
We had to round the ‘nextup’ list off with a new killer from our next guest, Diego Krause. Forthcoming on his own Unison Wax label, we’ve not seen a release date for this yet, but if the rest of the EP is as solid as this, we’re in for a treat!”

Horseshoe – ‘Collage’
“Released on Cabinet Records in 1998, a label we follow really closely and have done since we can remember. Every release they pin down is a tingler, but this is without doubt our favourite. Timeless house music.

Norm Talley – ‘Waves’
The simplicity in sound and arrangement make this stomper 1996 absolutely amazing.

Malin Genie & Lazare Hoche – ‘Oh! Snap’
This was released back in 2012 but got a well deserved repress in 2014 due to popular demand, which we snapped up (excuse the pun) and play in most sets. Impossible not to move to this!

Vinyl Speed Adjust – ‘Passing Waves’
You can pull this one out at most times throughout the party and it always sounds good. The first release on their own label from back in 2012, in our opinion nothing since comes close.

DJ Daddio – ‘Why Waste My Time’
A real gem. We found this on an old Jef K compilation and always goes down a storm at an after party. Produced in 1996 but sounds like it was made yesterday!”


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