Nextups and throwbacks: Below the Surface

‘Lost In Space’ is a project between Below the Surface and Troupe records, centred around the booking of big acts in quality, medium sized venues with good sound and good people. The music policy encompasses everything, from jazz, house to techno, disco and garage, with the series running for five shows, from September – June.

Below the Surface selected their top five (six) throwbacks and top five nextups ahead of the first Lost in Space on Thursday 24th September at Hidden, with an all night long set from Sam Shepherd, aka Floating Points. “He played for us back in March and blew the roof off of 1 Primrose Street (the venue was so full that we kept having to wipe down his E&S Mixer with a shirt because there was so much condensation in the air.) This time we are packing towels just in case!”


  • Weldon Irvine – ‘What’s Goin’ On?’
    This is a beautiful record, picked up the 45″ a couple weeks back, it’s just one of those songs that makes you think of summer, the electric piano and the rhythm guitar work really nicely together to put a smile on your face.
  • Don Cherry – ‘Organic Music Society’
    It’s a whole album, but it’s great.
  • Joe Mull – ‘Infected’ – B1
    Wicked techno from a master, A1 equally good!
  • Hannah – ‘I Needed’
    Nice melodic house track that has been getting a lot of air time recently.
  • Twinkie Clark – ‘Awake O Zion’
    Been pretty hooked on this record for about four months – the whole arrangement combines so many different flavours, the gospel vocal /  the funky guitar / the backing strings  all work to give it a really complete sound.
  • XTC – ‘Functions on the Low’
    Sorry it’s a sixth, but had to put this in.

Throwbacks playlist:

  • Nextups:
    Tom Of Finland – ‘Dreaming Again’
    On Razor n Tape label – been really digging their output for the last year or so, wanted to put DJ Vas – ‘The Moment’ but YouTube didn’t have it so this is off their most recent release, equally powerful, dance floor filling stuff!
  • Voyeur – ‘Phialea and Roseta’
    These guys are on Kerri Chandler‘s Madhouse Records. It’s a really simple edit that works of the back of a few samples + a lovely warm sounding kick and snare. The whole release is in a similar fashion and nice easy listening for when its raining or you want to contemplate life etc…
  • Beat Spacek – ‘I Wanna Know (Seven Davis Jr. Remix)’
    Super funk from Seven Davis Jr.  His album is also out and definitely worth a listen if you haven’t already.
  • Jamei 3:26 & Cratebug – ‘Hit It n Quit It’
    Absolute fire! This always does the business when played out.
  • Alan Fitzpatrick – ‘Love Siren’
    Bit of an obvious one but don’t care…Alan can do no wrong at the moment, he’s knocking out high quality remixes like its nothing (check out his recent remix of Blue and Green’s – the wait). This particular song has been a favourite amongst DJ’s all summer. Good stuff Alan!

Nextups playlist:


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