Nextup: FJAAK – Gewerbe 15/Rush

It has been a glorious week, new releases from the likes of Gary Beck, Nicolas Massayeff and even a remix from the legend himself Robert Hood, have literally been music to my ears over the past few days. In the midst of this FJAAK dropped their latest 12″ ‘Gewerbe 15/Rush’ on the 50 Weapons label, and even against such stiff competition it really stood out as something special.

I have gushed unashamedly in the past about the Berlin based trio FJAAK, who favour a rather organic approach to their production methods; often going into a sort of live jam recording session, before refining the original source material to create the tracks they release.

Their previous release ‘Oben’, with its slight eccentricities, was an absolute stomper, but perhaps not to everyone’s taste. This time round they’ve gone slightly more conventional but still manage to strike a balance between ergonomic production and originality. The B-side ‘Rush’ is a dancefloor anthem, that punchy bassline is a classic FJAAK sound, a hi-hat with enough groove to motivate all but the most stagnant of dancefloors, a funky sample over the top and then a vocal loop that sounds like it came straight out of the nineties brings this song together beautifully.

The lead track ‘Gewerbe 15’ is a different animal entirely. Its angry from the go, set against a hyperbolic build up the tracks launches itself full on into a thundering 4/4 beat that is just begging for a decent sound system. If ‘Rush’ is a dancefloor anthem then ‘Gewerbe 15’ is a dancefloor slayer, reserved for that time of night when only the kettiest of heads still mingle on the dancefloor. The almost orchestral instrumental in the background serves to lull you into a false sense of security before that driving bassline floors you, all the while bringing out your toothiest bassface.

Release: 18.9.15

Hamraj Gulamali


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