Nextups and throwbacks: Dancers Wanted

A word from the founder, Ruf Dug: “Dancers Wanted was inspired by the desire to put on a simple club night, focused on the dancefloor, where I could invite my friends to Manchester to come and play in a really nice environment – the Soup Kitchen basement is tailor made for this sort of thing. We keep the lights red all night, fire up the smoke machine and get plenty of incense burning. Optimum dancing conditions!

I only invite friends to play, so it makes for a really nice energy that everybody picks up on – we’re happy to see each other, we’ll have been out for a nice meal somewhere and we’re excited to play each other all these records and that’s before the doors to the club have even opened. It’s as far removed from a day at the office as can be and that translates to vibes all night.”


  • Isolee – Beau mot Plage
    Still one of the greatest tracks of all time. The synth line can take you anywhere you need to get.
  • John Tejada – Sweat on the Walls
    John Tejada has been making fantastic tough ultra ultra classy house music forever. Champagne Techno.
  • New Age Orchestra – Let’s Dream Together
    Practically unknown 1991 dreamy balearic house epic that is finding its way into the coolest sets of today. Be sure to hang around long enough for the synth steel drums.
  • Lata Ramasar – The Greatest Name That Lives
    This year’s William Onyeabor for sure… Brooklyn weirdness from way back, popularised by Caribou & Four Tet, the original goes for £400 and those paragons of digging chic, Invisible City, are gonna do a reissue.
  • Watt Noize – Its My Life
    Classic breakbeat house, THE sound of the back end of September 2015!


  • FYI Chris – Back In The Millenium
    FYI Chris is two guys both called Chris – they’re the next Dancers Wanted guests and make amazing truly deep house music with all kinds of beat influences.
  • Garth Be – Sweetunder
    Manchester’s finest returns for a second LP that’s just as good as debut ‘The Seven Movements’.
  • Medlar – Paradise
    Medlar is a pal of the FYI Chris guys – this is from his upcoming EP and is one of the best things I’ve heard all year.
  •  Jose Padilla – Afrikosa (Wolf Müller Gorilla Mating Dance Dub)
    Previous DW guest Wolf Müller brings his organic voodoo vibes to sunset maestro Padilla’s music.
  • Project Pablo – The Feeling
    Originally only available on cassette, Project Pablo is another Canadian export very much in the Mood Hut vein but with a slightly more aggressive edge.

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